The Importance of Backups

Do you have information saved to your computer that you have no where else?  What would you do if one day you could no longer access that info?

These days people save their pictures, documents, and videos to their computer and no where else without a second thought. With today’s ransomware  and failing hard drives your data could easily be lost.  Ransomware viruses go after your personal data and will hold that information hostage until you pay them varying amounts of money.  In many cases even if the ransom is paid, the files are still lost. Since a virus has to be seen in the wild before it can be blocked the antivirus companies are in a constant race to block the viruses as new ones come out. This is why some viruses can get by even the toughest defenses.  On top of that traditional harddrives only last on average 3-5 years. After this time they begin to wear out and data loss may occur.  The only way to prevent losing your important files is to make sure you have your information backed up.

There are several different ways to make sure your information is backed up…

USB Flash Drive: copy and paste your important files like pictures, documents, videos and what not to a usb flash drive.  When you backup your files always remember to unplug the backup when you’re done with it.  This way the backup cannot also be damaged if anything happens to the computer.

Internal or External Imaging Drive: a secondary drive is either placed in your system or a usb external hard drive is plugged in and a complete image backup of your system is made.  This backup is like a snapshot of your computer at that particular time and can be restored later.  A image backup also contains programs and your windows installation in addition to your personal files.   This image backup can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or however often you wish as storage space allows.

Online Backup: There are several cloud based online backup services that will keep several copies of your data and update them over the internet.  These are all subscription based services.  We suggest Carbonite or Idrive.  There are other services out there these are just two we have experience with.

Ideally a 3-2-1 backup plan would be followed where 3 total copies of your data are saved. (Carbonite’s page on 3-2-1 backup)

We’ll be glad to speak with you about what backup option will suit you the best.  We sell usb flash drives, external hard drives, and can install an internal hard drive in most units.  If you wish to setup a scheduled image backup we will do that for you as well. Give us a call or come by if you have data you absolutely cannot lose.

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