Malware cleanup

Malware and spyware are one of the most prevalent problems we encounter when working on our customer’s PCs.  Malwarebytes reports that from Jan 2016 to Nov 2016 malware found in the wild increased by 267%.  In the fourth quarter alone they cataloged nearly 400 variants of ransomware.

With this increasing threat sometime antivirus and antimalware applications can’t keep up.  All it takes is for one malicious fake application or a tag-along with a free and otherwise safe application to be accidentally installed and before you know it you’re system is compromised.  If this happens to you we”re here to help.  Typical malware or spyware cleanup and removal is a $75+tax service.  This includes basic maintenance and updates to your system as well.  Also, when we do our cleanup process we try to avoid affecting your files or programs if at all possible.  We target the malicious applications and nothing else.  Only in extreme cases would we need to reinstall your operating system to clean up an infection.  And even in this case we will do everything we can to backup  your personal data beforehand so you don’t lose any files.

For more information or if you’ve encountered one of these issues, please give us a call @ 336-623-2677.

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